Concentrated Solar Thermal

DAREL Heat and Azteq deliver you concentrated solar thermal (CST)

energy. CST is a proven zero-carbon technology based on parabolic

mirrors with collector tubes that generate high temperature heat up

to 400 ˚C.



Sustainable High Temperature Heat

Concentrated Solar Thermal or CST is a proven technology based on parabolic mirrors with collector tubes that generate high-temperature heat up to 400 ˚C. The mirrors rotate with the movement of the sun and convert solar radiation to heat or steam three to four times more efficient than solar PV.  CST is a zero-carbon solution that has no supply chain and enables multiple use of the optimum limited space at industrial sites. The heat can easily be combined with other heat sources and may be stored in thermal energy storage (TES) facilities to balance supply and demand during multiple days- and nights and during the seasons. The parabolic mirrors may also be used to capture (residual) heat irradiation from industrial processes e.g., steel manufacturing

CST generates sustainable heat for industries and district heating networks


The parabolic reflector installations are normally installed on available land space, but can also be placed on reinforced roofs or tripods (e.g. above a parking lot) when available space is a problem. Although the ideal surface area depends on your energy needs, you can assume that a hectare of mirrors is capable of generating 5 megawatts of high quality heat for 1000 hours per year. CST can be optimally used to produce heat for district heating networks and industries.

Concentrated solar thermal


AZTEQ is a Belgian GreenTech company specialized in the development, installation, operation, maintenance and financing of solar thermal power plants (CST Concentrated Solar Thermal) for industrial processes and district heating networks.

Compatiable with gas fired CHP’s, also in Northern Europe


While CST has traditionally been an option for regions with high solar irradiation, Azteq has optimized the technology and achieved significant cost reductions across the value chain. Our business model unburdens the customer from his capex investments via a special purpose vehicle setup. The customer only pays for the consumed thermal energy of a ‘heat-as-a-service’ contract. Azteq & DAREL can offer CST at competitive rates even in NW Europe.

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