Heat as a Service

We deliver sustainable heat/steam on site at competitive rates. No

upfront investment is required, only a fixed term purchase 

agreement and we will handle the financing, project development

and maintenance. Heat delivery performance are guaranteed for

>25 years

Client options

We unburden our clients by delivering sustainable heat against market competitive terms. We do this through integration of our solar thermal and other sustainable heat sources and storage facilities into the existing infrastructure.  We deliver the heat or steam under a fixed term purchase agreement and hence there is no Capex investment required by the client.

Alternatively, the client may choose for a turnkey solution: we take care of the engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of the heat production and storage facilities and once ‘ready to operate’ we hand over the facilities to the client whether or not in combination with a fixed fee maintenance contract.

The optimum system for your heat demand

System Integration

We design and optimize large-scale heat systems end-to-end, from the source all the way to the end-user. We do this through intelligently combining various heat sources with different levels of temperature and volumes, with the other system components including (seasonal) storage facilities, transport and distribution networks. To this end we build digital twins and apply artificial intelligence, dynamic simulating and forecasting to optimize the heat system also in real-time.

Easy to use technical-economical business models


One of the key elements of a successful system is a closing business case, we create business cases using the internationally recognized FAST Standard: a flexible, appropriate, structured and transparent way of financial modelling with simplicity at its heart. Through consistency in layout and calculations, our dashboard allows our customers to understand and operate the models themselves. In addition, the models are perfect when applying for a loan.

The optimum system for your heat demand

Heat production

Combining our expertise and partners in the heat sector with many years of experience managing large-scale energy projects, we are accelerating the sustainable realisation of district heating networks and complex industrial processes. For a 100% sustainable heat supply, several heat sources have to be complementary to each other including seasonal storage.

We are experienced in (concentrated) solar thermal energy, e-boilers and aquathermal energy


From day to weekly to seasonal storage

Heat storage

The balance of a heating system is crucial for its performance; day storages are always needed and to ensure a balance during winter and summer seasonal heat storage is necessary. We have knowledge in storing heat in aquifers, pit storage and containerized units.

No investments needed 


If you want your heating project funded, we relieve you completely using an SPV structure.

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